Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ticino's public pools and lidos

The summer is in full swing and I thought I'd share a useful list of open air and covered swimming pools throughout Ticino. Did you know the Lido of Lugano was founded in 1928 or that Bellinzona's outdoor pool was inaugurated 45 years ago. Check them out for yourself.

Switzerland's pools by Canton: badi-info.ch/schwimmbad.html
Lugano's Lido: lakeside-lido-di-lugano.html
Bellinzona' Bagno Publico: sport.bellinzona.ch
Lido di Locarno: lidolocarno.ch/it/piscine
Lido di Bissone: bissone.ch/lido-comunale/
Lido's and public baths around Lugano: luganoregion.com

My personal favourite is Lido di Caslano. Make sure you get there early since it is very small but definitely a unique experience.

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