Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Facts about Expats in Switzerland

Expat Insider is one of the largest surveys worldwide offering an in-depth analysis of Expat life across the globe. More than 12,500 respondents representing 166 nationalities and living in 188 countries or territories answered InterNations' questions, providing unique insights into what it means to be an Expat in 2017.

Expats in Switzerland appreciate the excellent quality of life, while struggling with a distant local population and high expenses.

Nearly half of Expats working in Switzerland can be found in finance or IT (14% each), healthcare (11%), or manufacturing and engineering (10%). Incomes in Switzerland are higher than they would be back home. In Switzerland, an impressive 57% report an annual gross household income of over 100,000 CHF, with 14% even having 200,000 CHF or more at their disposal; these results are nearly three times the global average of 21% and 5% respectively.

In contrast, the country ranks second to last in the Cost of Living Index, with close to three-quarters (73%) rating this factor negatively. “The cost of living is very high, even when considering the high income”, one respondent complains. The majority of Expats also gives the affordability of housing (67%), healthcare (50%), and childcare (71% of parents) a negative rating.

The quality of life in Switzerland seems to make up for such high living expenses. The country ranks 8th in this index and scores especially well when it comes to safety and transportation.

Not one single respondent perceived personal safety as a potential drawback prior to their relocation to Switzerland — and they weren’t wrong. In fact, less than 0.5% end up judging this factor negatively after experiencing life in Switzerland. Peacefulness and political stability earn similar praise with 97% and 93% positive ratings respectively.

The destination has even more to offer. “I love that Switzerland is centrally located and affords me the opportunity to travel all over Europe. Switzerland's public transportation system makes adjusting to life without a car quite easy”, shared another Expat. Around seven in ten respondents give the opportunity to travel (69%) and the local transportation infrastructure (74%) the best possible rating.

In the Health & Well-Being subcategory, Switzerland only loses ground due to the aforementioned healthcare costs - both the quality of medical care (85%) and of the environment (98%) are rated favourably by the vast majority of respondents.

The health and safety of children is also rated positively, with 95% and 97% of expat parents reporting they are generally happy with these factors.

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