Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Living the good life

Switzerland is a highly developed expat destination in the heart of Europe, with a strong economy and a reputation for excellent living standards.

The country’s affinity for trade and finance has defined its history, making it a diverse and prosperous crossroads of nations. Beyond its cities there’s beautiful countryside with breath-taking scenery that includes the majestic Alps.

Stepping into the unknown can be a big leap. The experiences of other expats can help guide you on your journey. A great source of tips and info about moving to Switzerland is provided by HSBC country guide.

Click here and jump right in: expatexplorer.hsbc.com/country-guides/switzerland

Following are three top tips by Expat Explorer Survey respondents: 

“Take advantage of the excellent local state schools which offer intensive language lessons for expat children for free. Young children learn languages very quickly when given support.”

“Learn skiing... it is the best way to enjoy winter time! Summer time is great with many open air festivals and activities by the lake. It may look as a quiet country but there is lots of things happening... you will figure out in time.”

“If moving to the Italian part, the process of obtaining work permit might be a little more complex than elsewhere. It is also difficult finding information if you do not speak Italian, since everything tends to be in Italian only. The people are very friendly and welcoming here and the nature is just amazing.”

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