Saturday, May 5, 2018

1'000'000 views!

It started as a challenge to see if I could set up a blog on my own with no technical help and without spending a dime. I had been slightly bored in my little town South of the Alps and therefore decided to reach out to the world... hence I leapt into the digital universe and have never looked back. 

I learnt about blogging, googled some simple coding, experimented with HTML, signed up to most social media platforms and figured out how it all links up. Over night blogging became my passion and has not left me since.

I discovered a whole new community called bloggers who are happy to exchange tips and share ideas reminding me in many ways of the Expat community where you don't need much of an introduction to start conversations. 

Lugano at the time was booming, many Expat were arriving from all parts of the world. The housing market was at an all-time high. What was missing was an English guide on how to find your way around the area. My niche - I quickly realized - would be the English-speaking community of Lugano whom at the time did not enjoy the luxury of an English online guide about the area. 

This was my party and I was having a ball!

Today, I am not the only kid on the block anymore and there are many more professional digital Ticino guides offering their services, however, this has not kept me from enjoying my little share, homegrown as it is!

Seven years down the lane and I am still happily writing posts and publishing photos on my three blogs: Expat with Kids, Expat with Kids in Paris and Expat with Kids recipes

This week I have hit a milestone with 1'000'000 views on my original blog Expat with Kids, a funky guide filled with fun facts, international recipes, intriguing gadgets, inspiring ideas, beautiful photos and useful information about the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland- the Ticino!

Thank you readers for being part of the journey and following me over the years. It has been a pleasure! Here is to the next one million!

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