Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sun-kissed Ticino

While the rest of Europe is being battered by winds up to 140km, ski resorts are closed due to excessive snowfalls and rain is forecast across the Northern Continent, the Ticino is enjoying some lovely days of sunshine and spectacular moonlit nights.

Admittedly, I would have loved to go skiing these holidays after having watched all the snow falling across the Alps over Christmas on TV, however, I am now not so sure.

Villages are snowed in, valleys cut off, routes blocked due landslides, chalets evacuated and entire ski areas closed due to danger of avalanches. Even the Gotthard tunnel - which runs 57km through the Alps - was closed this afternoon due to an accident, while I am strolling along the lake side of Lugano enjoying the beautiful blue skies.

Swiss Meteo forecasting rain at least for another two days across the country except...

... in sunny Ticino.

Blue skies wherever you turn.

Feel like a dip in the lake?!?

Lugano's 15m high Christmas tree in Piazza Rifoma.

A spectacular full moon on January 1st, 2018 over Monté Bre.
Although the "biggest full moon of 2018" doesn't look that different from a typical full moon, it is at the moon's closest point in orbit, called perigee, but it appears a bit bigger and brighter than other full moons.

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