Friday, January 5, 2018

Lugano's Olive path

How could we resist the beautiful sunshine? Spending a few days in Lugano over the holidays we were very lucky with the weather. When in Switzerland do as the Swiss, so, we stepped into nature for an invigorating breath of fresh air!

We opted for a hike along the "Olive Path" - a route through lush country with impressive panoramas - enjoying a landscape reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The trail wound along the lake and passed across the remains of old olive groves and areas on which this prized tree is being planted anew. The path thread its way through several little plantations of young olive trees as well as several examples of very old trees.

At the end of the trail lies one of Ticino's most charming village called Gandria. Between its alleys and stairways we discovered charming little corners, miniscule terraced gardens, old staircases and walls decorated with frescos. It was a perfect place to play hide and seek...

The view down the valley towards Gandria.

The view towards Lugano.

A glorious day in the Ticino, Switzerland's sunniest canton called "Sonnenstube".

Feeling like I'm in Ibiza.

After a swift 3km hike we arrived in Gandria.

Church of Gandria.

The village is so small only about 250 people live there.
Gandria can only be reached by foot, bike or boat.

Luckily no one steals their neighbours' firewood in this village.

Off-season stillness and peace.

A romantic entrance.

Imagine arriving to your doorstep via boat?

Olive trees wherever you look...

... or palm trees!

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