Friday, April 21, 2017

Alpine Airbnb in Switzerland

Switzerland's Tourism Office has launched a platform for renting Alpine huts in Switzerland – a kind of Swiss Alpine hut Airbnb. has more than 250 offers in all categories, from very simple accommodation to a very high standard. This new platform is part of a wider summer campaign, launched on Thursday, to attract tourists into the Swiss countryside, under the slogan “Nature wants you back”.

Tourists can also go onto the new platform My Swiss Experience to make their own Gruyère or go fishing on Lake Constance in the early morning or can use the Wildlife Watching platform to find help in observing the Alpine ibex, marmot and bearded vulture, to name but a few.

So you might have to be Swiss to understand the humour in this video but Switzerland's nature needs no explanation. It is truly sensational!

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