Friday, April 14, 2017

Swiss Easter Chocolate

The iconic Lindt Gold Bunny dressed in gold, with a ribbon and golden bell that rings!
For generations, the Lindt Gold Bunny has been just as much a part of an Easter nest as Easter eggs. What makes it so popular is that it is as simple as it is good.

Läderach's Easter egg selection. 
Läderach has stood for top-quality, hand-made Swiss chocolate specialities since 1962.

Oh look, it's a pink Easter bunny!
The perfect chocolate for my Easter Nest.

Chocolate heaven in my local supermarket

Easter version of a Swiss Carac. 
Mystery surrounds the origin of carac! We only know that it was already available in the early twentieth century. Why does it have this name? Might it be a phonetic link to carafe, which defines a type of cocoa of high quality as the one produced in the vicinity of Caracas, as noted in The Universal Dictionary of Practical Cooking by Joseph Favre (1894), Swiss cuisine theorist and cook.

What better way to start your day?

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