Saturday, October 8, 2016

Switzerland's most beautiful village is in Ticino

More than 31,000 Swiss took part in the competition organized by the country’s four public television stations and the magazines Schweizer Illustrierte, l’Illustré and il caffè.

Out of 12 finalists, Morcote won hands-down. The runners up were Ardez in Lower Engadine, Binn in Lower Valais and St Ursanne in the canton of Jura with its medieval centre.

Situated a few kilometres from Lugano, the village of 770 inhabitants actually belongs to the Paradiso administrative district. Who knew?

The most beautiful village competition has been going since 2011, last year’s winner was Soglio in the canton of Graubünden, and in 2014 the canton Fribourg village of Gruyères scooped the prize.

Take a minute to enjoy the pictures of Switzerland's four most beautiful villages and click here:

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