Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fox Trail in Lugano

Have you heard of Fox Trail, the latest addition to Switzerland's many activities? Fox Trail consists of a thrilling paper chase organised across the country. The ingenious team event leads you to a city's most charming nooks and crannies or even to a castle's bizarre rooms on the Fox' various trails. Every course is different: decipher messages, interpret clues and coax secrets out of intricate puzzles.

Whether friends, family, acquaintances, company or club: Fox Trail makes for a group event that is rich in variety, and suits curious people between 8 and 88 years of age and it always has a new surprise up its sleeve.

It is not a race or an athletic feat, but a fun and elaborate group event, which lets you playfully discover a city with investigative skill, creativity and team work.

Ticino's trail is called Galileo Galilei where you'll search for the mysterious green treasure chest in the centre of Lugano. The trail leads you from the train station directly into the hills of the city but do not let yourself be too distracted by the breath-taking view, as there is still much to do: knights have to be saved, old characters have to be deciphered or trails of blood pursued. Even an exclusive cableway will help you with the enigma! This extraordinary tour through Lugano ends in the city center and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Seek and book a trail right here: The organisers will tell you all in an e-mail. Happy hunting!

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