Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Swiss Children's books

Back in the days when I was a little girl, the TV programme did not start until teatime and internet was not anywhere on the horizon. No need to mention Playstations or X-Boxes. Facebook and i-Tunes still needed to be invented and phones had round dials rather than touch screens. This latter fact entertains my kids to no end...

Anyways, I read a lot as a child, so I thought I'd share the most typical traditional Swiss Children's books with you. Here goes:


Globi is a mixture of a parrot and a human being. He always wears the same checkered trousers. He was invented in 1932 and there have been 79 books published so far. Globi’s adventures are funny and very entertaining.

Papa Moll

Papa Moll was invented in 1952 by Edith Oppenheim-Jonas connected to Pro Juventute. It’s a funny comic strip for childern. There are 12 books published so far. Papa Moll is a family dad with 5 hairs to his head and who always wears a tie. With Mama Moll he has three children: Willy, Fritz und Evi.

Schellen Ursli

Schellen Ursli is a childern’s book by Selina Chönz and illustrator Alois Carigiet. It’s one of the most popular books in Switzerland. Schellenursli is set in the canton of Graubünden, surrounded by beautiful mountains and tells the story of a boy and his big cow bell.


The most typical Swiss children’s book  was written by Johanna Spyri in 1881. All the kids know Heidi whom with her friend Peter experiences lots of wonderful adventures in the Swiss alps. She also gets to spend some time in Germany with her aunt Dete and cousin Clara.

What is your favourite childhood book?

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