Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Désalpage - a Swiss tradition

Coming up on 26 September, the village of L’Etivaz (in the canton Vaud) will celebrate the herds of cattle that, after spending the summer in the mountains, will head back to the stables for the wintertime. It is called the "Désalpage".

I decided to share this fact with you since I have a very soft spot for the region of "Le pays d'Enhaut".

In a joyful clanging of bells, in the profusion of colours of their flowered headdresses, the herd will return to the plain on the fourth Saturday in September. This "Rindyà" (descent from the mountain pastures in patois) is the reflection of mountain traditions and guarantees their continuance.

YOU can join in the “Désalpe de L’Etivaz” cow procession, which combines Swiss traditions with local specialities and offers loads of fun entertainment and activities.

YOU can be among the first to taste the newest wheels of L’Etivaz AOP cheese produced in summer 2015, fresh out of the cheese cellars.

Feel free to contact +41 269 246 281 for more information, or e-mail: cooperative@etivaz-aop.ch. This "Désalpe" is an event that will stick in your memory forever!

Désalpage from 1964

50 years later, the cows make the same way down to the plain after grazing in the alpine pastures for four months. 

Extrait du film: Tout un art... maillis from etivaz on Vimeo.

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