Saturday, July 18, 2015

Switzerland's Cupcake café online

Swiss National Day is around the corner and Back-Art have a great range of Swiss themed products, including these cool cookie cutters, toppings and cupcake cases.

Back-Art have been actively promoting creativity and art in baking and cake decorating since 2005. 10 years ago in Switzerland cupcakes were known as a type of muffin; food colouring was usually in thin liquid form; edible decorations on celebration cakes were often just a few icing flowers, Gummi bears or Smarties. Roll-out icing was only available in large buckets to professional confectioners and bakers. Cookie cutter shapes were limited and usually only found during the traditional baking season from October to December.

Enter who saw no reason why professional quality ingredients and cake decorating equipment could not be made readily available to private households. They pioneered the introduction of home cake decorating in Switzerland. Thanks to the 2006 Football World Cup this little company received a considerable breakthrough in their brand awareness; the press caught wind of Back-Art and their football themed products were all the rage.

In 2013 they even opened up a showroom in Zurich. So, pop by or send them a message anytime. They love to hear of our reasons for baking and are happy to share tips and tricks to ensure your project is a success!

In the meantime, happy baking in preparation for August 1st, Switzerland's National Day.

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