Friday, July 10, 2015

An unforgettable hiking experience: Ritom Lake

Still looking for a day's outing to enjoy the views and get some fresh air? The Ritom lake is an absolute must-see if you live in the Ticino.

A whole bunch of beautiful mountain lakes – remnants of the last ice age – are scattered throughout the Piora tableland high above Leventina. The largest of them the bluish-green waters of the Ritom lake, which lies at solely a half-hour’s hike from the mountain station of the amazingly steep funicular railway. Here a small gravel path leads firstly to the western end of the lake, and then along the northern shore to Cadagno di Fuori.

Next in line is the Alpe di Piora, reached from here either directly or via a delightful looping trail that runs through the moorland landscape surrounding the Lago Cadagno lake. The delicious Piora alpine cheese is made on this Alp of the same name - and is known to be one of Switzerland’s most refined and sought-after delicacies. From the Capanna Cadagno hut the route leads through a small arc to the opposite side of the valley and then slightly upwards via Fontanella to the highest point of the tour, close to the Forca Pass. Having had your fill of fantastic views to the depths of the Ritom lake and upper Leventina, you then make your way back to the Piora mountain station.

Here is the map:

Starting point: Funicolare Ritom, 6775 Ambrì, Ticino
Destination: Piotta/Piora
Getting to the start: Bus or car to Piotta, then funicular rail to Piora
Technical challenge: easy
Physical challenge: medium
Length: 12 km
Hiking time: 4 hours
For more info:

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