Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where is home?

The most difficult question to answer for my kids is: "Where is home?"

These are some of Lugano's expats answers that I have collected. Which is your definition?

"Home is where and when I am at peace with myself."

"Home is wherever I leave or have left behind parts of me. Home is anywhere I feel varying degrees of being complete. To come home is to come back for whatever or to whomever you've left there."

"Home to me is a kind of mindset (helped by place, certain people, certain conditions, circumstances) that one is used to starting from and returning to, day in and day out. It doesn't have to be external, or even something you like all the time, though consistency/predictability is key. Home's important because one needs an anchor in a world, even if it's an anchor you can carry around. You forget who you are and lose stability without this default point of start/return."

"Home is the space I create for myself and my family but not in any country, it is just that space and is recreated each time we move. I find that there are some key objects that I place around me that I have collected from all the places I have lived that help to create that space. It is important to me because that is the only place to be truly me, accepted, and free from judgement."

"Home is wherever my children are, where our laughter resides and where new memories can be made."

"Home are people who you can always come back to. Home is not only one place but places where I left my heart."

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