Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walking Lugano 2015

"Walking Lugano" is one of the most important Swiss appointments for walking and Nordic walking fans. You can choose from six different itineraries (from 6.6 to 18.6 Km), all extremely attractive in terms of landscape and well-suited for all sorts of fitness levels. There are longer and more demanding itineraries for those who want to test their endurance and  “softer”, more level itineraries of just a few kilometres for others. The most original itinerary is the 8.2km “Lake and Walking” which also includes a boat trip from Lugano to Gandria.

All you need to do is decide which trail you want to walk and sign up here:

Relax – 6.6km
Melide – 8.2 km
Panorama – 10.6 km
Fitness – 15.6km
Challenge – 18.6 km
Lake and Walking (with boat ride) – 8.2 km

Have fun and stay healthy!


Francesca Foglia said...

We will participate (all the family). It should be a sunny day.

Expat with Kids said...

Way to go girl! Have fun.

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