Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Join Lugano's road runners

There is no excuse! It is time to get fit and make new friends at the same time!

Running is the best energy boosting, heart pumping, calorie blasting workout you can do anywhere, anytime with anyone! It's the perfect stress reliever, confidence builder and total body workout that'll literally take you to new places while you have some fun (hopefully in the sun!) too!

Road Runners will hit the road every Tues (pm), Thurs (pm) and Sat (am) for the next 8 weeks. The programme is designed to take you from 0-5km in just 8 weeks. Sessions will be one hour long (not ALL running!) including:
- Body Pumping warm up
- Lugano Lake run focused on that week's goal
- Strength training/Active cool down. ​

​The programme will begin with a Run/Walk balance to build up stamina, gradually increasing "time on feet", eventually changing the focus to build mileage. Finishing with your successful completion of a 5km run! Non-Stop :)

Sound too good to be true? Nope, just click here and sign up now!
For more info call call Amy at 079/588'05'26, e-mail her at or check out her website here.

Road Runners begins 04.05.2015 (first group session Tues 5th May).

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