Monday, March 30, 2015

Who's living in our country?

Here is yet another piece of curious info. Ever wondered which is the 2nd largest nationality living in each European country? You could figure it out by watching Eurovision (since nationals are not allowed to vote for their own country) or else here is a map:

The map above shows the flag of the 2nd largest nationality, by country of birth, living in each European country. Thus, it may include citizens and those who have moved temporarily for work. Nevertheless, there are many surprises, such as:

- Ireland is no longer the largest source of foreign born residents to the UK. Since 2011, they’ve dropped to 4th, behind India, Poland and Pakistan
- Poles make up the 2nd largest group in Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Lithuania
- Turks make up the 2nd largest group in not only Germany, but also the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and Bulgaria
- the impact of the former USSR can still be fairly clearly seen, given that Russians make up the 2nd largest group in Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. However, in Russia itself Ukrainians are the 2nd largest group
- the 2nd largest group in Spain, Italy and Hungary are Romanians not Chadians
- Finally, Switzerland's second largest group remains Italy even after decades.

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