Saturday, September 13, 2014

Corsa della Speranza 2014 - Never give up on a dream

Get your walking shoes ready... you can run if you like but the main point is to participate. I am talking about the Corsa della Speranza (The run for hope).

"Run for Hope" is an race celebrated in more than fifty countries worldwide for cancer research. It is  a non-competitive event. You can run, march or just walk on a 5 km route through the most emblematic streets of Lugano.

It's a race for everyone, athletes and not sporting: families, schools, societies, children, grandfathers, grandmothers... Revenues made from inscriptions and from spontaneous offers or donations, are entirely paid to the Ticinese Foundation for Cancer Research, which funds International research projects taking place in Ticino.

The Runs for Hope have existed for over twenty years and are held in many countries. The idea was originates in the late 80s in Canada, where the 23-year-old Terry Fox, lacking a leg amputated of a bone cancer, decided to cross the country with a metal prosthesis in order to raise awareness about the disease and to raise funds for the fight against cancer. Terry failed to conclude his stoical challenge. The cancer took him away before. But his brave and generous spirit continues to live through the Runs of Hope.

It's your turn to run/walk tomorrow. Just pop down to Piazza Riforma tomorrow after 11:00 to register and you're ready for the race starting at 18:30. The kids will love running, walking or scooting through Lugano with Mummy and Daddy.

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