Friday, September 19, 2014

Calling out for a good cause...

Going through my mail today,I received the following mail from Expats in Ticino Yahoo group:

As we are all aware, 2014 has seen an unprecedented displacement of people around the globe. I know a woman in Ticino who has managed to organise transportation of donated items to the Syrian refugee camps. 

She has a delivery from Lugano next Friday, 29th September

If you have any good-quality children' s clothing or baby items (prams, camp cots, linen, etc) that you are willing to donate, please inbox me directly and I will do my best to arrange collection. While she is not able to accept donations of toys, she will take all essentials, including general medical supplies and non-perishable baby food. Thank you for your support.


Toni even went to her local pharmacy and bought small bandages, plasters, antiseptic creams, etc. for the last delivery. When she explained to her pharmacist what they were for, she handed over a box full of samples of similar items. Needless to say, they were gratefully accepted. Simply think of what you'd need, as a parent trying to keep babies and young children healthy in a refugee camp, and, if you have the opportunity, they'll take them all!

Should you wish to participate you can reach Toni under her e-mail address:

Bravo and well down to the volunteers for organising this drive!

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