Friday, June 20, 2014

Switzerland: the most Multicultural football team

Who are we rooting for? Switzerland, of course. Yes, I am talking about the World Cup! Yes, Switzerland is still in the game. Hurray!

It seems, Switzerland is the most multicultural of all the 32 teams taking part in the 2014 football World Cup in Brazil. 15 out of 23 players in the Swiss squad are of foreign origin. At this point, I not sure if we should we be proud or concerned?

A new infographic of World Cup players and their nationalities and family connections currently doing the rounds on the internet and social media shows that the Swiss team is the most cosmopolitan at the tournament. The graphic created by Australian designer James Offer shows that 15 Swiss players have 21 different family connections to other countries, ahead of Australia (18), Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and France (each with 16 connections).

Many of the Swiss squad are second-generation immigrants, who have at least one foreign parent. It’s not unusual for Swiss players to hold more than one passport such as Philippe Senderos who has Spanish and Serbian parents.

Click on the graphic below for a full interactive version:

For more info, check out

Hopp Schwiiz!

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