Monday, June 23, 2014

Moving Tips from a 10 Year Old Aficionado

For the first time ever I have invited a guest blogger to publish a post on Expat with Kids.
Her name is Arabella and she is a true Third Culture Kid. Last week she held a presentation about moving and had some very useful tips. I enjoyed her project so much, I asked her if she'd like to contribute towards my blog. Here is her perspective. Enjoy reading!


I am ten years old and, in my short life, I have moved six times across three continents.  So, I consider myself a bit of a ‘moving expert’   Moving is exciting, but not always easy, so here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way:

Before your move:

-Make little good-bye presents for all of your friends, such as bracelets or a poem.
-Organise a leaving party.
-Go through your room and decide what you don't want or need anymore, then sell or give the things that you don't need to charity.
- Have a look around your future house if possible so that you know how much space you have and you can start planning your room.
-Get a guidebook about the new area you’re moving to, and look at different places to explore.

Moving Day:

-Pack snacks for the journey
-Make sure that you have things to do, because chances are, the trip will be quite long.
-Entertain your brothers and sisters while they are packing up.
-Wash anything that needs washing.
-Generally keep a sense of humour.
-Pitch in however you can.
-Stay out of your parents' ways.
-Say your last goodbyes to your friends and family.

Settling In:

-Explore the new neighbourhood.
-Get acquainted with your new room by organising it, and arranging your things.
-Look for evidence of whether there are other children living around you, such as bicycles, and go and introduce yourself.
-Sign up for a library card.
-Don't just think about yourself - consider your pets, as well!  Take them for a walk around the area so the can find other pets and make friends - just the same as you and me.

Starting School:
-If you have moved in the summer holidays, see if you can organise a meeting and tour of the school beforehand.
-Ask your parents about any important school information, such as dress code, bus stops (if applicable), hot lunch, etc.

And Above All, Keep a Cool Head

And never assume that movers do the same thing in every country.
Here our sofa is being hauled up 13 floors, over the balcony in Brazil!!


Anonymous said...

so nice and smart the 10 year old aficionado

Expat with Kids said...

Isn't she just! ;) She will be going great lengths wherever she will be!

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