Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet the most British Swiss of all...

Have you ever heard of the book Swiss Watching? It was on the Financial Times Book of the Year 2010 list. In Swiss Watching, Diccon Bewes' expert knowledge dispels the myths and unravels the true meaning of “Swissness”. It is an original and intriguing read about our landlocked island, going behind the stereotypes of banks and skis, francs and cheese.

Diccon Bewes is a full-time writer and speaker. After ten years at Lonely Planet and Holiday Which? magazine, he has now been living in Bern for eight years and continues to confound Swiss expectations of a British expat by not drinking tea.

Following the International success of his first book, he presents his latest publication: Slow Train to Switzerland, a fascinating travel adventure which retraces the first conducted tour of Switzerland, led by Thomas Cook in 1863. By following the same itinerary, Diccon Bewes discovers how much of Switzerland has changed - or hasn't!

Head down to the Scuola Club Migros on Friday, March 28th, 2014 at 6pm. The main event is from 7 to 8.30pm. The talk will be preceeded by a reception and followed by Q & A and book signing.

The event is free and open to the public, but you need to register in advance here. Places are limited, so hurry:

Venue: English Event - an evening with Diccon Bewes
Where: Scuola Club Migros Lugano, Via Pretorio15, 6900 Lugano
When: Friday, March 28th, 2014
Time: 18:00 - 20:30

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Michelle James said...

Hi Expat with kids!

I am a casting Producer on the US travel and property show ‘House Hunters International’. I’m not sure how long you have been in Paris, but we are looking for English speaking expats who have moved to Paris within the last two years or so and would like to share their story. I wonder if you might be interested?

As you may know, House Hunters International is a half-hour TV show currently airing on the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) in America. The series is designed to de-mystify the international home-buying / renting process, by going behind the scenes of a house hunt where expats and their real estate agents tour 3 homes. At its core, House Hunters International is a travel show concentrating on the idiosyncrasies of the locales and what makes them special and different.

Here are some links to show you what our show is all about!

Here are some examples of the show that you can watch on Youtube: - Charlottenlund Denmark - Athens Greece - Marrakech Morocco

We would love to film in Paris again, so please do get in touch if you or any of your contacts may be interested in the show.

Best wishes,


Michelle James
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