Sunday, March 2, 2014

A compliment a day can go a long way...

Did you know that yesterday was World Compliment Day? Thanks to Newly Swissed I am now in the loop and have discovered the most uplifting video. You'll never guess who produced this real life campaign ... MIGROS! Trust the good ol' supermarket chain to come up with something like this. If something touches a Swiss' heart, it is either Coop or Migros.

Some think Swiss are cold and humourless, I (along with other Swiss bloggers) am here to prove the contrary. This commercial does more than simply promote a product. Apart from the main character Stefu, none of the people in the scenes were actors, and nothing was rehearsed. Stefu, a Swiss German youngster, takes a trip across Switzerland and brightens people's day by simply paying them a compliment.

Look carefully and you'll recognize some places in the Ticino... and don't forget, look someone in the eye today and pay them a compliment, no matter in which language!


This is the link to the French version:

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