Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to travel across Ticino

Did you know that children can travel across all of Switzerland throughout the year for CHF 30.- if accompanied by parents or grandparents?

Have you heard of the latest Arcobaleno passes?

The Arcobaleno tickets are the latest development in the new Integrated Fare. The tickets on offer range from single tickets to tickets that save you time and money, such as the multi-journey travelcard and the multi-day travelcard.

The new Arcobaleno Integrated Fare is an important step forward in encouraging the use of public transport, as it makes access to its services even easier. The logic behind the Arcobaleno pass has now been extended to tickets: it is no longer necessary to purchase a ticket for single journeys (e.g. Lugano – Bellinzona), but rather a ticket for one or several zones that you can use to travel freely on all the means of public transport within the given validity period. Changing from one means of transport to another using only one ticket.

All Arcobaleno tickets and passes are accepted by the following transport companies:
Autolinee Bleniesi (ABL) -
Autolinea Mendrisiense (AMSA) -
Autolinee Regionali Luganesi (ARL) -
AutoPostale Svizzera SA - Regione Ticino -
Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi (FART) -
Ferrovie Federali Svizzere (FFS/TILO) -,
Ferrovie Luganesi (FLP) -
Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi (TPL) -
Società Navigazione del Lago di Lugano, limitatamente alle autolinee (SNL) -
Autoservizi Pubblici Bellinzona (tramite AutoPostale)
Trasporti pubblici Città di Mendrisio (tramite Autolinea Mendrisiense)

Please also note that:
- The Navigation Company of Lake Lugano (SNL) offers a discount on its ferries to Arcobaleno pass holders
- The Navigation Company of Lake Maggiore (NLM) accepts monthly and annual passes on the Locarno-Magadino shuttle service
- The Locarno - Madonna del Sasso Funicular Railway (FLMS) accepts monthly and annual passes
- ASF Autolinee s.r.l. accepts Arcobaleno passes for the Lugano-Gandria route on the Lugano-Menaggio line.

If you click on the following link you can download the booklet on Arcobaleno tickets and passes:

Map of the ticket zones:

Following is a short film in Italian informing about the new Arcobaleno pass:

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