Monday, May 20, 2013

Big projects for Lugano's future

Lugano is living an extraordinarily dynamic moment and it has been able to increase its inhabitants (over 57’000) and its territory (31.2 km2) by adding adjacent villages to its realm. The city is in the process of defining projects which will shape its future development. They regard architectural projects, urban projects and projects to improve the mobility. In the next few years, these interventions will define the face and character of the city.

In particular the projects are:

- the AlpTransit project which will bring Southern Europe sensibly closer to northern Europe in the next years
- the new FFS giving new prestige to the area of Besso
- the restructuring of the Lungolago walkway
- the renovation of the mouth of the Cassarate river
- the new cultural centre LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura)
- the urban redevelopment of Pian Scairolo
- the creation of the new quarter of Cornaredo
- the building of a new exhibition area and the reconstruction of the northern side of Campo Marzio
- the enlarging of the University Campus
- the completion of the Vedeggio-Cassarate tunnel
- the improvement of the road network and conditions in the Lugano area
- the public transportation plan of the Lugano area (PTL)
- the airport of Agno

All of these projects represent different ways of building the future and aim towards the concept of a city which rotates around its historical downtown centre.

So keep your eyes open and you'll discover something new everytime you stroll around town.

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