Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lugano rocks

Who said Lugano is a quiet, tranquil, sleepy village? Just take a stroll around town in a Saturday afternoon and you will always bump into some market, activity, exhibit or some other sort of entertainment. You'll probably come across quite a few familiar faces but that is the nice side of living in a small town. You can be sure you'll meet someone you know down town.

Today Lugano rocked to the music of the Swiss PowerBrass band. Now the name says it all. This energetic band held over 200 people under its spell in Piazza Riforma this afternoon.

Swiss Powerbrass is a young and innovative brass band established in 2002 in Buochs, Switzerland.

The 55 young and young-hearted band members with their unique blend of horns and rhythms of popular music a new genre that continued to fascinate the Lugano audience, encouraged their participation and carried them away to dreams of exuberant celebrations. Now picture that! I am serious, everybody was having a jolly good time despite the weather.

So, should the Swiss Powerbrass band stop by your neighbourhood one day, make sure you get comfortable and be prepared for some great entertainment.

Listen for yourself:


Anonymous said...

If you like this kind of music, next time you can go to the concert of Fracass Band of Breganzona!

Expat with Kids said...

I am a big supporter of Breganzona's Fracass Band! ;)

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