Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little help from Betty Bossi

"What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?"
Lin Yutang

If you grew up in Switzerland you will know who Betti Bossi is. A fictitious chef, Betty Bossi has been help­ing the Swiss with cooking and home making since 1956. She pub­lishes four new cookbooks per year fea­tur­ing orig­inal regional recipes that are very easy to pre­pare. The Betty Bossi label produces ten mag­a­zines annually devoted to cookery with a total circu­lation of 825,000 copies. Over the past decades, I have had my magazines sent to Geneva, to Buenos Aires, to Milano, to Madrid, to Lugano and now I look forward to receiving my monthly Swiss dose of homemade flavours in Paris.

Start your own collection by ordering Betty Bossi’s “Schwiizer Chuchi”, a collection of over 130 Swiss traditional recipies! Schwiizer Chuchi means Swiss Kitchen in Swiss German. And if you can pronounce the word Chuchichästli (Kitchen cupboard) then your on your way to becoming a real Swiss.

The recipes are organized by region. In a land with four languages and such cultural diversity, this is a necessity. There is a brief description of each region and its cuisine, along with attractive photos. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo.

The ring binding and glossy pages make it practical to use. The Swiss Cookbook is appropriate for Swiss people as well as for expatriates, because it gives a good overview of traditional Swiss cuisine and contemporary cuisine using Swiss ingredients.

An English copy can be ordered online from the Betty Bossi online shop, and is also available in many supermarkets in Switzerland.

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