Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seeking Mystery shoppers in Lugano

Girls, are you ready for this? I have the perfect job offer lined up for you: Mystery Shopper!

Albatross Global Solutions (www.albatross.fr), a mystery shopping agency based in Paris, are currently recruiting mystery shoppers to perform visits in luxury brands stores in Lugano.

As a mystery shopper, you will need to visit a specific store with a scenario (clothes/shoes, watch...) and your role would be to let the Sales staff helps you and guides you. The store can be a watch & jewelry boutique, a corner in a department store or a fashion boutique.

For the Sales staff, you are a normal customer but discreetly you will be evaluating different criterias such as the shop environment, the sales advisor outlook and the quality of service.

Mystery shopping is not a full time job. It is a mission based job and as long as you respect our deadline, you can perform your visits anytime: lunch break, afterwork, week ends... no time constraints!

The qualities a mystery shopper should have:
- personal interest in customer service improvement
- good memory and narrative skills
- for the mission we are currently hiring for: be a luxury brand customer

Within 24 hours after the visit, you will need to submit an online report.

If you are interested in mystery shopping, please register on the website, www.albatrossonline.com as a shopper and email directly to: nlydin@albatross.fr for follow up. Do not hesitate to email Nicole Lydin if you have any question.

So????? What are you waiting for, go ahead and write that e-mail!  Good luck.


mystery shopping said...

This was an interesting article, I've tried mystery shopping on an a few occasions, was incredibly fun and good to know that commercial outlets that I frequent are actually being tested for service quality

anieb said...

Mystery shopping is sometimes referred to as secret shopping, virtual customers, performance auditing and spotters.

Mystery Shopping Agency

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