Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween treats with a twist!

Candy, candy, candy! That's what's on most kids' minds as All Hallows' Eve creeps closer. Click here to see how many calories are in your favourite Halloween candies: Pumpkin-O-Meter

This year, give those little goblins a fun surprise with cost-effective and unique alternatives to candy. Be a trendsetter this Halloween and pass out creative treats and toys. Who knows – you might become more popular than the house that passes out the king-sized candy bars!

Vampires are sure to be a popular costume this Halloween. Help complete the look and bring others in on the action with the perfect accessory – fangs!

With the school year still fresh, kids can't get enough of cool new school supplies. Get them in the spooky spirit with a Halloween-themed pencil, pen, ruler, or fancy eraser.

Halloween-themed tattoos are sure to be popular, but you could also pass out others, like local sports team logos, traditional designs, and animals.

Not only will you be giving the best treat on the street, you'll also keep the kids safe as they run around in the dark. Brighten up the streets by cracking the glow sticks into action as you hand them out.

Stickers are always a favorite among kids. Every little trick-or-treating ghoul will love having a sheet to decorate folders, books, or themselves.

What better way to accessorize the house-hopping haunters than with spider and bat rings?

These glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlers are a bright idea when it comes to Halloween handouts! Kids will love these lil' critters to use as pranks, decorations, or even accessories for next year's costume.

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