Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swiss National Day photo competition

The First of August is especially important when you live abroad. Do you celebrate Swiss National Day in the same way when you live in Dakar, Paris or Tokyo? What does the celebration actually mean to you? To find out, and its partner Swiss Tourism are launching an August 1st competition this year.

Launched only 11 months ago, SwissCommunity already offers another innovation: the first edition of its online magazine:

The SwissCommunity online magazine distinguishes itself by its fresh style and aesthetics. It speaks about what is happening within your community, it makes you (re-)discover Switzerland and presents you other Swiss living abroad and SwissTourism invite you to submit your best photos of 1 August 2011. Regardless of the country you live in, send your best pictures or those which capture moments of great importance to you. Be creative! 15 of these photos will receive a prize. The judges’ panel, comprising members of and ST, will make the selection and the people sending those photos will receive a ‘Swiss parcel’ generously offered by SwissTourism by way of thanks.

Please send your photos in jpeg format by 5 August 2011 to the following address:

1st prize to 5th prize:
A ‘Swiss parcel’ with a SIGG bottle, two wooden cow sculptures and a genuine leather suitcase label

6th prize to 15th prize:
A genuine leather suitcase label

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