Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pear & raclette cheese gratin recipe

You might be in the mountains enjoying the snow or decided to stay at home this weekend, in any case 'tis the season for a delicious cheese raclette gratin. This sweet&sour recipe is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids and is prepared in a flash.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
400-500 gr of potatoes, boiled and peeled
50 gr of slices of raw ham, cut into pieces
2 pears, cut into wedges, peeled or not according to taste
1 tbs of chopped chives
200 gr of raclette cheese in halved slices

1.)  Halve the boiled potatoes and put in a gratin dish, the cut side upwards. Garnish with the ham, pears, chives and raclette cheese. Season.
2.) Gratinate for 10 mins. in the upper half of the preheated oven at 250°C.

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