Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lugano in B&W

Back in the Italian part of Switzerland for the autumn break and we are falling in love with this corner of the world all over again.

Ticino is a land of artists where culture is still a way of life. It is a place where art, architecture and history are intertwined with breathtaking nature and impressive landscapes.

With its lakes and mountains Ticino is typically Swiss but with added sunshine and Mediterranean flair. The mix inspires lifestyle as well as food and drink.

Parco Ciani is the green heart of the city of Lugano, a beautiful public park of 63'000 sqm.

Villa Ciani, a beautiful mid-1800’s mansion with sober neoclassical shapes 
featuring 30 frescoed rooms. 

In 1912 the villa and the park were purchased by the city of Lugano.

The funicular Angioli is (was) the fourth funicular of Lugano and certainly the most unknown.
In 1910 this funicular was built and started to link the lake promenade to the big hotels in 1913. In 1973, the owner gave the funicular to the City of Lugano whom decided to suspend the exploitation in 1987.

The church of S. Tommaso at Agra. The church initially belonged to the parish of S. Pietro in Pambio and then became an under-parish in 1591.

Happy Hour Ticino Style.
Waterfront lounging in Morcote.

The picturesque village on the shores of lake Lugano prevailed over 12 contestants to win the title of “Most beautiful village of Switzerland 2016”.

 With its characteristic small alleys, the arcades of old patrician homes, valuable architectural monuments and its natural beauty, Morcote is considered “the Pearl of Ceresio”.

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