Sunday, October 22, 2017

Switzerland: A Cartoon Survival Guide

Since 1988, Bergli Books has been publishing books in Switzerland that bridge intercultural gaps. Its mostly-English list has included many Swiss-interest bestsellers of the past two decades, including the Ticking Along Series, Margaret Oertig’s Beyond Chocolate, and Sergio Lievano and Nicole Egger’s Hoi books—the bestselling Swiss German guides of all time. Bergli is unique in Switzerland connecting English readers to Swiss culture and tradition.

Here is their latest publication:

Switzerland is a mystery right at the heart of Europe. Bestselling author and cartoonist Sergio J. Lievano joins forces with journalist Wolfgang Koydl to unravel the enigmas: from the Rütli oath to Swiss politics, alpine fauna to fighter jets, Albert Einstein to Roger Federer. Learning about our eclectic little country has never been so much fun.

You can order this book directly at Bergli:

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