Friday, June 16, 2017

7 questions before you move

End of spring is Expat high season where the farewells, the tears and the emotions preceed the move onto a next destination. Here are seven questions to work through over dinner with your children about the "upcoming move".

Start conversations that will help you all understand where the rest of the family is at. Make sure each family member gets equal chance to answer. Parents and children alike, but try and get the children to start as younger children are more likely to reflect the parents point of view as they think there is only one 'correct' answer.

1. What have been the best things that have happened here?
- Do you think we can do these things in our new location?
- What activities do you want to continue doing?
- Are there new things you would like to try at the new location?

2. Moving means lots of changes. Sometimes we worry about things that will be new or different. Do you have some worries?
- How do you think we can help each other lessen our worries?

3. Are you excited about moving?
- What excites you about this place?

4. What do you think you will like about this place?
- This culture?
- This country?

5. What do you think will be different?

6. What do you need to find out about the new location?

7. Do you need help to work out the best way to say farewell to friends?

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