Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Resolutions 2017

Time for New Year's Resolutions... Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Why not find a unique New Year’s resolution that can actually transform your life? And, maybe you’ll even have a chance of sticking to it? Something that is more interesting will naturally keep your interest.

So, here are a few unique New Year’s Resolutions that you chould try. Pick one, two, three, or all four.

A Daily Act of Kindness
One of the best new year resolution ideas is to resolve to make at least one person’s life better each day. It can be as simple as buying someone’s coffee in line behind you to donating something to the local food bank. These happen a lot during the holidays, but not much afterwards.

Learn Something New
Can you design a web page? Want to play the guitar? Wish you could be an author? Always hoped to speak Italian? We all have things skills we wished we had or things we’ve always wanted to learn. The coming of the new year should remind you that you aren’t getting any younger. Resolve to actually learn a new skill or develop a talent. Be specific about what you want to learn and write down concrete steps to achieve it. For example, if you want to write a book, research the publishing process and maybe take a class on writing.

Get Involved In A Charity
Was your old year primarily focused on yourself? There’s nothing wrong with making yourself happy. However, selfish people rarely live meaningful and truly happy lives. That’s why, if you’re not already involved in charitable work, it could be a unique year’s resolution.
If you’re unsure what to choose, find what you care about. Maybe it’s mental illness, the homeless, animals, or another topic. Whatever it is, find a reputable charity and donate your time and energy to making a difference. You’ll help others and feel better yourself.

Make time for your physical health first
You spend many hours at the office or running around for others and there’s so much on your plate that you can’t even think about taking care of yourself? That needs to stop! No matter how busy your schedule gets or how much you want to accomplish in this world, you have to make time for your own physical health first. Eat healthier meals (and eat regularly), get enough sleep every night and exercise at least a few times a week. Keeping yourself in better physical shape will keep you in better mental shape.

Which resolution will yours be in 2017?

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Francesca Foglia said...

I have to make time for my own physical health first

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