Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Explore the land of chestnut trees

The chestnut tree trail winds through the woods and explores the land of chestnut trees! Besides revealing woods, crops, chestnut trees, the trail accompanies you through pleasant surroundings and a harmonious landscape where nature stands out in all its splendour.

The itinerary offers you several panoramic spots and the possibility of admiring the architectural details of certain picturesque villages that this very special excursion joins together. Several didactic points, simply marked on the ground and amply illustrated in a separate brochure, may be found along the way. You can even cover just short legs of this trail.

Join the local tradition and pick some chestnuts along the way for arts and crafts. Have fun!

Difficulty: easy
Km: 11
Elevation difference: 215 m
Duration: 4-5 h
Itinerary: Arosio-Mugena-Vezio-Fescoggia-Breno-Caroggio-Arosio
Important: All of the locations along this path may be reached by using public transportation.
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