Monday, June 6, 2016

Lugano's English speaking facebook page

Just in case you hadn't heard... Lugano's English speaking community has an awesome Facebook page. Ask any question or seek any kind of advice and you'll receive a stream of answers. Its members are truly passionate about sharing information with newcomers and "oldies".

Don't hesitate to organise a "blind date" with the IWCL Evening group or ask them where the coolest yoga session might be on a Thursday morning. Every day Lugano's Expat group will recommend fun and interesting things to do or places to visit. Should you be looking for info about parking outside of Malpensa Easyjet terminal or wondering where you can buy a 5kg jar of Nutella, they will have the answer.

On the ENGLISH SPEAKING IN LUGANO SWITZERLAND you'll find appartements to rent, recommendations for cleaning ladies and even new friends should you be inclined to party.

Maybe you have a hobby and are looking for clubs or others to join you, Lugano's English speaking community will find a solution.

So, if you are new to the area or just have a question on your mind, don't hesitate to post on Lugano's English speaking Facebook page... you'll be surprised at how happy they are to welcome you and how forthcoming to share their knowledge.

A big THANK YOU goes to Caroline Garrod who initiated this Facebook page with the aim to help by offering information as to what's going on in and around the area, where to buy things, services offered or needed, or advice such as doctors, dentists, kids clubs, sight seeing, etc.

Please join us and become part of the fun:

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