Sunday, May 8, 2016

Do you have Expat DNA?

Ever wondered what makes a great Expat? Well, here you'll find a break down of the Expat DNA:

What makes a great Expat:
- The ability to adapt to change – being flexible
- Keeping an open mind on the people and cultures you encounter
- Learning & speaking the local language
- Living, eating and going about life like the locals do and enjoying it
- Keen to observe and absorb the sights, sounds, smells and sensations that the world has to offer
- Open to new experiences and learning something new every day

Bad expat DNA:
- Doesn’t stop complaining (Language is too hard, people are too rude or different)
- Prefers to mingle only with expats who are similar to themselves
- Doesn't make an effort to try the local foods or adhere to local customs
- Leads his/her life like in the home country: resistant to change
- Gets homesick at the first thought of his/her home country

Irrelevant DNA:
- Being a well travelled individual has no bearing on being an Expat. First time Expats have just as much fun.
- Having a high paying job – not a prerequisite to leading a fun and happy Expat life.

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