Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Never pay for overweight suitcase again...

Every once in a while I come across a totally cool product which fits right in with my lifestyle. I do not receive any endorsement or free products, I just like to share practical tips to make life easier and more fun.

Now here is a fun suitcase named Raden. Not only does it come in funky colours it is also really smart. How many times have you had to weigh your suitcase in order to make sure easy jet would not charge you a bomb for overweight? Well, this one does it all by itself. It has an integrated scale, will also let you know its exact location so it can alert you via Bluetooth when your bag is coming down the carousel AND it has a built-in charger for your phone or tablet!

The design is rooted in all things simple, smooth and smart. The cases come complete with the latest tech-enabled features and they all connect seamlessly to their mobile app. They are super light and incredibly strong, gliding smoothly across airport terminals and city sidewalks. Oh, did I tell you it will even let you order an Uber?

Sounds enticing, doesn't it? Just take a look at their video, it is just as cool. I have not bought one myself yet but it is on my birthday wish list... in pink of course!

The only hitch? The 22-inch carry-on bag costs $295.

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