Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

Soon it will be back to school... summer is over and - have you heard - the first snowflakes have already fallen in the North of Ticino.

To start the school year off on a positive note, I thought I'd share a checklist of Random Acts of Kindness that I found and see how many of these acts of kindness I can perform before school starts. Feel like seeing how many you can do? You can also add your own! Remember, kindness is contagious - spread some today!

Go out of your way to thank someone today.
Hold the door open for someone.
Add a kind note to someone’s windshield or front door.
Let a person with only one or two items go in line before you at the grocery.
Say thank you to a janitor or custodian.
Collect all your loose coins and donate to charity.
Bring a crossing guard a cup of coffee or a croissant.
Give a friend a book that you like.
Leave inspirational notes around the house or in your friend's room.
Write five things you like about yourself.
Send or text an old photo to a friend just to make them smile.
Bring a bouquet of flowers to the hospital.
Give someone a hug.
Say thank you to a police officer.
When you get a new piece of clothing, donate an old piece.
Purchase an extra bag of dog/cat food & bring it to a local shelter .
Give up your seat.
When everyone else is gossiping, be the one to butt in with something nice.
Email/write an old teacher who had a big influence in your life.
When you go to get something for yourself in the kitchen, get some for the rest of your family.
Treat a friend to a movie.
Feed the birds.
Help an elderly neighbor .
Make dinner for a busy family.
Donate used books.
Write and mail a handwritten letter to a friend.
Bake some cookies and bring them to your neighbor or to school.
Pick up litter.
Leave a nice server the biggest tip you can afford.
Invite someone who is alone over for dinner.

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