Friday, August 8, 2014

Pardo Way - another way to enjoy the Locarno Film Festival

Pardo Way is a selection of top bars and nightspots in town, the optimal itinerary to recharge your batteries between the screenings. During the Festival (6-16 August) this exclusive group of venues offers a series of gastronomic and entertaining initiatives linked to the Festival’s culture. Starting from breakfast, snacks, lunch and aperitif, Pardo Way goes on with thematic tastings, shows, concerts and nightlife that are going to amuse our festivalgoers and keep them busy. It’s been a few years since the Pardo Way label has became a synonym of quality of service, originality of entertainment, extended closing times and Festival spirit. This long-term success brought the initiative to grow and welcome three new members for the 2014 edition. Starting from the very heart of the Festival, Piazza Grande, and getting to Ascona, the members of Pardo Way keep their commitment to give sparkle and taste to the Locarno area.

The typical day of the early bird among the festivalgoers starts at the feet of the Sant’Antonio church, at the Tea Room e Pasticceria Marnin. This enchanting spot, one of the three new entries of this year, welcomes the more courageous of our visitors, starting from 5AM, for a delicious breakfast.

By continuing on the via Borghese, you will reach the Caffè al Borgo. This suggestive café litteraire in the heart of the old town, is characterized by its idyllic courtyard and its furniture that smells of ancient times: here one can read its way through several international newspapers, before starting the day with the first screenings.

If you set out to the Piazza Grande, pulsing heart of our Festival, you will get to the Fashion 2Shé, charming venue known for its music and delicious cocktails to help our guests start their nights after the screenings. This bar also turns out to be an ideal stop for a quick lunch, between one movie and another. From 6AM to 1AM, Fashion 2Shé benefits from an always-open kitchen.

For a more relaxing atmosphere, on the opposite side of the Piazza, under the walls of the mythical Rivellino, you will find the Rivellino Garden. In its idyllic courtyard behind Pardo Bar, besides a refreshing moment, one can enjoy excellent drinks along with some delicious snacks.

In the early afternoon hours, behind the Spazio Cinema (Forum), our festivalgoers can enjoy some calm moments in the enchanting lounge inspired by the exotic Orient, the Oasi Casablanca. Between its colors, scents, ethnic flavors and relaxing sounds, this venue offers refreshment to the tireless traveler of film.

After the afternoon screenings, it is time to head back to the Piazza Grande, which is slowly welcoming the first spectators. Not very far from here, Caffè Bartolomeo offers refreshing cocktails, ice creams and snacks, whereas for lunch, daily menus delight the hungry visitors.

When evening takes over, the stomachs of the festivalgoers start to grumble: before rushing to Piazza Grande, it is time for a nice dinner. Happy Carrot Project, is a meeting point with an ethnic, natural and creative flavor. Starting from 6PM, in the magnificent setting of the Piazza St. Antonio, it offers homemade cuisine and local products for sensitive appetites.

The visitors that long for more genuine and ordinary flavors, are welcomed at Negromante. This charming and relaxed atmosphere, just a few steps from Piazza St. Antonio, will enchant you with its rustic kitchen, that mixes both American and local flavors and traditions, and with its authentic Ticino charme.

Continuing your journey through the old town, you may stop at the Bistrot Teatro Paravento. From 6PM onwards, this charming spot welcomes you in a special atmosphere where you can taste natural food and good drinks, accompanied by exquisite music and live performances. This year they also present two exclusive art shows, as well as a selection of independent short films.

At 9.30 PM the lights in the Piazza Grande slowly fade out, and silence overwhelms the main square of our town. It is time to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of this main venue, while allowing oneself to be carried away into the fantasyland that is film.

After the screening in Piazza Grande, the festivalgoer can relax in the Cinebar Swisscom, film lounge in Largo Zorzi, right behind the big screen. Here you can enjoy refreshing summer drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Entertainment is assured by live concerts and shows.

More live shows continue at the nearby Bar Magnolia @ Spazio RSI, where live radio shows and music programs will delight your evening.

The Locarno hub, La Rotonda del Festival, maintains its usual strength and attraction points: from 6 PM to 3 AM it is lightened by lights, music, ethnic flavors and entertainment, offering our festivalgoers four main Areas of fun: Area Villaggio (food, beverage and market), Area 621 (where the nightlife of Locarno starts), Area Lounge Garden (for a more sophisticated atmosphere), and Area bambini (where fun is guaranteed also for the little ones).

The Pardo Way and its nightlife do not stop in Locarno: thanks to the free shuttle bus you can enjoy your nights in Ascona as well. The Lido Patriziale di Ascona, located on the lakeside, offers a modern atmosphere, DJ sets, cocktails and parties until 3AM.

The last stop of Pardo Way is the Club Seventy7, a nightclub open until 5 AM, on the main Piazza of Ascona, which welcomes party people with great music and special guests. All the Pardo Way venues 2014 are indicated on the Festival official map and have an official sign at the entrance.

Good luck and enjoy!

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