Monday, April 7, 2014

A really special sleepover

As much fun as a sleepover at home is, there’s always the option to take it one step further. From putting up a tent in the garden to actually sleeping in a barn!

The "Schlaf im Stroh" Association presents bed and breakfast accommodation on farms where you literally sleep in straw! They offer adventures of a very special kind – perfect for the spring or summer holidays or just for the weekend.

The farming families participating in this programme meet the quality standards set by the association and are permitted to use the protected "Schlaf im Stroh" trademark. The host farms are inspected on a regular basis. Each has something unique to offer.

You choose a farm in the region of your choice and book your "sleep in straw" experience directly with the host family. You bring your sleeping bag; blankets are provided by the hosts. Many of them also offer pillows.

Ask your hosts about any additional services and facilities they offer, such as additional meals, recreational activities and so forth.

Sleeping in straw as a group is great fun as well. I dare admit, we organised a hen night in the straw a few years back. It felt like being a kid again. We giggled and chatted all night long! Go ahead and experience a truly unforgettable night with your family or friends.

Accommodation/night including breakfast range from CHF 20.- to 30.- for adults and CHF 10.- to 15.- for kids up to 15 years.

Click here to see the 2014 catalogue:

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