Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela's legacy

While the world is paying tribute to Nelson Mandela today, it seems to me that all the dignitaries whom have turned up at the stadium of Johannesburg are absolutely starstruck themselves.

Despite the pouring rain - which it seems is a good fortune in the tradition of Mandiba's tribe -  crowds are clapping, singing and dancing as they arrive at the FNB stadium. A most colourful stadium I might add.

On another level, I will be watching the movie "The 16th Man" with my children this weekend. "The 16th Man" is a documentary about the South African rugby team and how it helped Nelson Mandela write history in 1995, the year the “Springboks” hosted and won the Rugby World Cup. It is about the courage, the will power, the patience, the willingness to accept, the chance to change and about the determination of a man and his country to abolish old rules and accept the challenge.

“The 16th Man” is DEFINATELY worth watching. Absolutely speechless to what a nation with the right leader is capable of through sports. Never in our wildest dreams......

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