Saturday, November 30, 2013

Creative Advent Calender for your kids

A long-standing Swiss tradition is the Advent calendar starting on December 1st. This year I felt like sharing an idea that I came across on the English speaking Mums in Switzerland facebook page. It is all about Being Silly, a theme the kids just looove. With the help of ergolino and some other mums I have listed 24 ideas, one for everyday until Christmas.

1. Eat pasta with your hands
2. Make the biggest splash possible (in the bathtub)
3. Have dessert before a meal
4. Wear whatever you want to school
5. Speak in funny voices all day
6. Have an opposite-day: say everything in the opposite way you mean it.
7. Go to sleep in a place in the house you have never slept before (do that on a Friday or Saturday!)
8. When someone calls or comes to the door (postman?) sing to them instead of talking.
9. Dont touch red / blue / yellow ... things all day.
10. Invent your own dish: cook or bake with whatever is available in the fridge (to avoid having to buy fancy spices)
11. Invent a secret language and use it one day long.
12. Use hair gel to make funny hair-do's.
13. Say the ABC backwards.
14. Do you have “finger toes?” Can you pick up things like a pencil, t-shirt, and more using your toes? 15. Can you tie up your shoe laces in a new way? Zigzag those laces? Use more than one pair of laces in each shoes?
16. Wear your clothes inside out and backwards.
17. Teach your kids to whistle for a taxi with two fingers
18. Rewrite your favorite song: sing your version as a group very loudly into hairbrushes while the real one plays on the stereo on low.
19. Wear some crazy and funny socks
20. Try to break a world record, even if you have to invent one
21. Take silly family pictures
22. Do a science experiment (the Coke-Mentos volcano is always  good one)
23. Play charades
24. Whipped Cream Fight: Everybody wears a raincoat. Everybody goes outside. Everybody gets a full can of Reddi-wip. Nobody can eat from his or her own can.

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