Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swiss Hiking Night 2013

Don't miss this unique oppoprtunity. A night hike across the Ticino mountains.

Dare to participate on a guided walk on the night of June 22nd, 2013. Enjoy bizarre landscapes lit by the full moon and unearth rare discoveries along the trail.

The concept of Hiking Night was launched by the Swiss Hiking Federation in 2006. Throughout the year, they organize and carry out numerous night walks across Switzerland with the help of locally specialized tourism structures.

This weekend the Swiss Hiking Night will take place in Ticino. The excursion's route goes as follows: Locarno-Mergoscia-Bietri-Cima della Trosa-Alpe Cardada-Cardada-Locarno
Time: over 6 hours
Beware this walk is recommended for adults only!
Registration until Thursday, June 20th by e-mail: sarah.durscher @ or by phone: 0844 822 122

You will find all the details on the website:

Happy Hiking!

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