Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Olive Grove Trail

Looking for a new walking experience? Have you ever heard of the Olive trail? Well, it is right in your back yard, so to speak....

You'll discover a route with views across Lake Lugano, on which a landscape reminiscent of the Mediterranean can be enjoyed.

The path winds along the countryside between Castagnola and Gandria and crosses hillsides of ancient olive trees where just recently fruiting olive trees have been reintroduced. You can reach the path either from Castagnola (close to the old Municipal), or from Gandria (start from the parking area at the canton’s street above the village).

The path is described beginning in Gandria and is identified by the olive logo. On the 7-kilometer-long "Sentiero dell'olivo" strtetch, 18 information boards bring you closer to the history and scientific nature of olive tree growth and the oil won from olives.

The idea of the Olive Tree path was conceived of by the “Friends of the Olive Tree” association in collaboration with the Fund of Naturalistic and Archeological Sites in Gandria belonging to the Foundation of the Italian speaking Switzerland for Scientific Research and University Studies.

Open season: All the year
Difficulty: easy
Km: 4
Elevation difference: 85 m
Duration: 2 h
Itinerary: Gandria-San Domenico-Castagnola
For detailed info click here: http://www.lugano-tourism.ch/

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