Thursday, November 15, 2012

Asian Food in Lugano

"Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible."
Cantonese saying

I have had a special request about Asian take-away places. Following are the best-known spots in town. Please feel free to add onto my list should you know of a gem worth mentioning.

1. Asian Market
An amazing selection of cuisine from fresh to frozen to packets, Indian, Thai, Ghana, Chinese and much more.
Via alla Valletta 4
6900 Lugano
Tel: 091 966 16 27

This Asian Food shop is located at the bottom of Via alla Valletta in Lugano. If you are driving from Montagnola to go to Grancia or Lugano, you go down the twisty windey road Via Antonio Riva. Just as you get to the bottom at the traffic lights you either turn left for Lugano or right for Grancia. However literally just before these lights (you see a Franklin college resdience on the right corner) on your right their is a tiny road that looks like a dead end or parking area, but you drive down there and Bingo there it is!

2. Asian Mini Market (near Madai Music Club)
Via Ferruccio Pelli 14
6900 Lugano
Tel: 091 922 25 00

3. Thai Shop/ Asian, Indian, South American 
Via Bosia 13, Paradiso

Tel: 091 993 28 98

4. Suthin Sinzig Thai Take Away 
Very good takeaway. Simple and very fresh. Caters for vegetarians too!
Corso Enrico Pestalozzi 10
6900 Lugano
Tel: 091 921 49 10‎

5. Sushi Rolls by Marco
Via Zurigo 5
6900 Lugano
Tel: 091 923 43 00

6. Sushi il clandestino
Corso Elvezia 13
6900 Lugano
Tel: 091 921 17 08

7. Tabla di Montagnola
TABLA features Indian and Mediterranean cuisines taking your dining experience to sophisticated new heights. Restaurant and Take Away.
Via ai Canvetti 15
6926 Montagnola
Tel: 091 968 19 00

If you want fresh fish, go to Spaccio Ittico, Via del Piano 12, 6915 Noranco. Best in town!

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