Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pink Colour Personality

If your favourite colour is pink - like myself - you are likely to display at least some character qualities of the colour personality linked to pink. You may also hold some of the more negative character traits associated with the meaning of pink.

Pink is a feminine, warm and compassionate colour. The meaning of pink is that of love, romance and comfort.

The pink colour meaning linked to personality explains the character traits most associated with people who have pink as a favourite colour.

So if you have a pink colour personality you have a generous, warm, loving and compassionate nature.

If you have pink as a favourite colour you display maternal and the traditional feminine traits of caring and nurturing and need to give love and attention to others. You also need a great deal of love yourself and crave protection, safety and security.

You are very romantic and sensuous and enjoy the idea of being in love. You sometimes feel as your life is missing romance and because of this you lose yourself easily by watching romantic films and reading romance novels.

You are a positive optimist and always find the good in everyone. Because of this you may have placed your trust and affections into undeserving people.

On the downside of a pink colour personality you can be overly sensitive and hurt easily.

With pink as a favourite colour you can also become too reliant and dependent on others and lack the confidence to go it alone.

If pink is your favourite colour you need to really treat and pamper yourself. Put your needs first for a change and really look after yourself. Find ways to make the best of yourself both externally and internally. A new hairstyle, stylish outfit or soothing massage will make you feel and look good.

Begin to be open and receptive to others showing their affection for you. Receive ALL compliments with a big smile and a big thank you!


louisette said...

Lovely blog, greeting from Belgium

Expat with Kids said...

Thank you for the compliment Louisette. I appreciate it.

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