Monday, December 5, 2011

De Samichlaus chunnt

De Wald isch wiis und voller Schnee,
ich glaub, ich han de Chlaus grad gseh.
Mis Herzli chlopfed ganz fescht und gschwind,
gaht er no zu andere Chind?
Chum ine, liebe Samichlaus,
und lär Diin Sack grad us,
chumm, bliib doch no es Wiili i öisem warme Huus

December 6th is a very important personal date. It brings back fond memories of my early childhood. Growing up in Zürich, Switzerland it is the day St.Nicolas (Samichlaus) comes to down bringing mandarines, nuts and chocolate to all the good girls and boys. At school we used to receive a Grittibänz (St.Nicolas bread). In exchange children are asked to recite a poem about Samichlaus.
You are wondering what happens to bad boys and girls? Well read last years' post about Schmutzli, Samichlaus' helper who is in change of spanking the bad kids with his rod made out of little branches.

Should you be looking for a Samichlaus goodnight story for your kids on this special night click here for Marlies Klein's Santa's Grand Tour:

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